Our Mission and Vision Statement

PMEC Mission

PMEC is committed to provide:

  • clear expectations of what individuals can achieve for their education and/or migration ambitions;

  • counselling based on active listening to needs and ambitions;

  • careful and custom analysis of individual circumstances and opportunities;

  • advice that would lead individuals on an appropriate pathway to achieve their individual success;

  • ongoing support to encourage each individual to remain on or adjust their success journey; and

  • a “home away from home” for those that have the courage to extend their lives to another country.

PMEC Vision


PMEC believes in the Global Community where transnational opportunities abound for all those with the ambition, respect and sensitivity to live, learn and enjoy the benefits of great countries around the world. Every client deserves to receive high quality guidance to navigate the complex legal frameworks established allow transnationals to enjoymigration and education opportunities.